Fucking Thief


Here is a new print from the Slowly Downward Manufactory, hand-pulled in our luxuriously-appointed studio by experts in swearing. These words, many of them rude, came unbidden into the sleeping mind of Stanley Donwood during the reign of King George Bush the W, and have made many appearances in the past - but never before have they been applied in shimmering gold*.

It remains, sadly, an undeniable fact that certain persons in positions of power do not need to resort to burglary to supplement their income because instead they do have to get up in the morning to operate the reins of power, thus engaging in a vastly superior type of larceny. This print will do nothing to alter this sorry state of affairs, but might instead serve you well as an ironic 'think-piece' to provoke discussion with your school-age children.

An edition of 99 prints
Paper size: 612mm x 450mm
Print size: 500mm x 348mm
Number of swears: 13

*Gold is actually anodised aluminium powder.

Sold Out

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