I present to you two ghosts; ghosts from the past, hopefully not portents of the future, nor harbingers of what may unfold in our fractured present. The atomic explosion is, aesthetically, a beautiful thing. Unfortunately in every other respect it is VERY VERY BAD. This dichotomy is at the heart of Pale Ghost & Dark Ghost. A worrying beauty, & an unmitigated terror.

These prints have been made by photographing the actual inked linocut & then creating a pared-down version of that photograph so that it can be sceeen printed with several greys & a very shiny black to demonstrate & represent the actuality of the surface of the cut lino - the gouged surface of the areas cut away, essentially. This is in contrast to the simpler pure black images shown in the book. Eagle-eyed persons may also notice that these are a mirror image of those in the book, as these prints are taken from photographs of the actual cut lino itself, rather than a print taken from the same.

This is a strange time, & no inference or polemical statement should be inferred from these images, or the fact that the Slowly Downward Manufactory should publish the editions at this moment in human history. We make no judgements, & ask only that art should speak only for itself, & that citizens draw their own conclusions from the evidence laid out before them.

Three colour hand-pulled screen print.
Edition of 99.
Print size 325mm x 498mm (approx).
Paper size 430mm x 600mm.
Numbered and signed by the artist.
Blind-embossed with the Slowly Downward Manufactory seal.

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